Cerdas Bersinergi Foundation

Cerdas Bersinergi Foundation
M I S E R I C O R D I A - Child & Family Development Center
Yayasan Cerdas Bersinergi: Let's Us Bring a Better Future for Children and Family

M I S E R I C O R D I A - Child & Family Development Center

Get the new you or your beloved family at Misericordia CFDC under legal foundation of Cerdas Bersinergi. The Child & Family Development Center (CFDC) of Misericordia is an interdisciplinary public service and comprehensive healing center.

Misericordia CFDC Programs :
  1. EARLY DETECTION & intervention for child.
  3. THERAPY CENTER i.e (Neuro)Psychology Therapy, Fisiotherapy for children, adolescents and adults.
  4. ICCP - Indonesia Center for Counseling Psychology.
  5. Trauma & Conflict RECOVERY CENTER.
  7. The "FUN HOUSE" Club - The development of children's talents such as painting, drawing, music and the art of make handicrafts. The club is also open classroom skills and life skill training.
    * All profit from donation will goes toward Cerdas Bersinergi Foundation in supporting education and mental health especially for children with disabilities.
    ** The whole staff is involved in Misericordia CFDC, both psychologists, doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists assistants are certified in their competence, and even some of its internationally certified.

    ** The whole staff Misericordia CFDC works with full dedication for our foundation's motto "We Serve YOU with Love", which means that we will always be there and be present to serve you with all our hearts.

    Contact us :

    M I S E R I C O R D I A - Child & Family Development Center
    Jln Lamongan Raya no 28E Sampangan, Semarang - Indonesia 50232.
    Telp 024-86452530. Hp :+6285742177757

    Office Hour :

    Monday - Friday : at 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Saturday : at 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    • On holiday / outside of these hours must be by agreement beforehand.
    • We provide services in Indonesian, English, Dutch and Mandarin. For other languages ​​will be adjusted by agreement.
    • Serving home visits, calls for therapy at home, both inside and outside the city of Semarang.
    International Cooperation :
    1. Trinity Western University British Columbia, Canada
    2. Sight Psych Institute - Canada
    3. Innova Center - Counseling Services, BC, Canada.
    " I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; TOGETHER we can do GREAT things " (Mother Teresa) "

    Let's us bring a better future for children and our family !

    Director & Staff
    Cerdas Bersinergi Foundation

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